Sunday, November 12, 2017

Greyhound Art

I am trying to not obsessively buy anything with a greyhound on it, but could not resist this little metal statue.  It is some kind of cast metal with a small hole to allow it to be bolted down to something. More than that I do not know....

Friday, November 10, 2017

Mr Bleu's Zoo

Well, hello Mr Bleu. Tell me what animal do you think this is? Hint, the wise men might have ridden these as they followed the star to the manger.
Hmm.  Well, the story would have been a even more interesting it that was the case.  But good on you for taking a crack at it. Maybe you are better with birds?  What bird is known for standing one one leg.  Here's a hint, it's pink.

Well, I guess that was kind of close. Kind of. Let's try again.  This animal is mythical, it has a single horn on it's head.  What is it?
Uh huh. So I am guessing arithmetic isn't your strong suit either.  Let's try again. this animal comes from Australia and it is not a deer.

I really feel you aren't taking this exercise seriously. But I am going to have one more go.  Remedial animology here, Mr Bleu. Who is coming through the toilet wall (for some reason).  Oh look, its a friendly.....


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Vera's Bone Cancer Journey Day 2: Diagnosis

Vera is an eight year old female spayed greyhound. She is on the small side is 50 pounds and general prefers a quiet life on the bed or sofa, catching up on her Netflix and eating a few peanut butter treats.  Along with my other greyhound, Sadie, she is pretty much the center of my life outside of work. Anyone who follows my Facebook or Instagram will find it is about 75% greyhounds.

The "Oh, Shit" Moment
After a toe on her rear foot dislocated several times, Vera underwent a toe amputation.  The bone on that toe looked a little abnormal, but nothing very concerning. More likely to be something like an old injury and arthritis....  However yesterday the tests came back: osteosarcoma.

Greyhounds are generally speaking pretty healthy dogs, with few congenital health problems.  However most owners know that  they are prone to bone cancer, usually on the legs.  It is often aggressive and so this finding was pretty bad news for Vera. I have a feeling this is going to be a bit of a learning experience, and not necessarily in a good way but--you know--you try to find the good parts even in bad things.  Loving these animals so much has a down side sometimes but I try to focus on how good it is overall.  Perhaps by sharing it on this blog I might provide something of value to others going through a similar experience.

The Vets 
The first thing I would say is: don't hesitate to find the veterinary expertise you need.  My regular vet reset the toe twice but I just had a feeling it wasn't being taken very seriously. Maybe that is unfair because it was early stages and statistically most likely to just be a minor injury that would come right with time.   But after the second visit with no suggestion of X-rays or other tests I was thinking about where to go that did these things done the best.  So I popped down to a larger hospital where blood tests and X-rays showed the toe was not really recoverable and surgery was carried out that day.Sending the toe for testing felt more like a precautionary measure, at least to me.  Maybe the vet was just trying not to freak me out.  But this was one the the cases the we take precautions because of.  I was referred to my choice of two veterinary oncologists and we have an appointment with one of them next week.

The Plan
So the first step in the plan is seeing the veterinary oncologist. Emotionally speaking, I am just trying to wait and see what further testing reveals.  The questions are whether the cancer has spread, what the treatment options will be, and what is the best choice for Vera so she can have the longest best life possible.  We might get lucky, we might not. Right now Vera has no other symptoms. She is healthy and happy and from her point of view that is all that matters.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Yes, Facebook...

... I am a Kiwi abroad with an unhealthy attachment to Amazon, Ebay and the Etsy.

You can see how Facebook categorizes you (at least the parts they share) under settings: ads: my information.