Thursday, July 22, 2010

Science Blogs exodus

It sad to see that Science Blogs seems to be pretty much falling apart. This science blog network is run by Seed, whose magazine I find silly and pretentious, but whose blogs didn't seem to share these qualities. This is probably because the blogs are run, on a day to day basis, by independent scientists--not by Seed staff.

Science Blogs seemed to have some little known ongoing problems with paying their bloggers on time, or communicating with them at all. But the beginning of the end seems to have been their decision to rush out a Pepsi blog to be written by Pepsi staff. A move they quickly reversed, but the damage was already done.

The departure of pillar-of-the-community Bora (with a very thorough explanatory post) has sent another shock wave through the struggling network. Even the most popular single blog (Pharyngula) is now on strike. (But not so much on strike that he isn't still posting).

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