Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why do dogs wear collars, but cats don't?

One reasons that is often given for collarless cats is that cats just won't wear collars.  Is this really true?  A recent study suggests three out of four cats will wear a collar, and most cats exceeded their owners estimates when it came to collar acceptance. 

Despite my prediction that pet collars may eventually become obsolete with the improvement of microchip technology, they are currently the best method for ensuring that you get your lost pet back.  They also signal to anyone who comes across you cats that it is not feral or 'up for grabs' for them to adopt. 

I think that, if we are honest, the use of collars for dogs only is just a tradition--and reflects the archaic notion of the cats as a lower value animal kept more for pest control than as a companion.  And it is about time that animals were valued and cared for in a way that reflects their current role, not some notion from the agrarian past. 

Even indoor cats can get out, and may be in more distress when they do.  So it might be time to consider a collar and tag to help your cat find his or her way home. Just make sure it fits loosely enough to slide two finger underneath it, and has a break-away feature in case it gets caught on something.

And ignore that initial offended look, most cats will quickly get used to their new fashion accessory....

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