Thursday, April 21, 2011

DO NOT BUY the Natural Aquatics Frog Aquarium with 2 Frogs

For some reason Amazon saw fit to recommend a product to me that is called the "Natural Aquatics Frog Aquarium with 2 Frogs". (Similar products called the Frog-o-Sphere or eco-aquarium is also available)

My reaction to this product is as follows:
  • It does not provide adequate housing in size or design.
  • It is described in an inaccurate and misleading way.

This product, as sold and use as the manufacturer recommends is cruel. They suggest:
  • A four inch cube is an "eco-system"
  • The tank is "self-cleaning"
  • You only need to change the water twice a year
  • you only need to feed a few pellets each week,

In my opinion, the truth is:
  • Dwarf African frogs require a minimum of 1 gallon (6 cubic inches) per frog--preferably two gallons or more.
  • Water should be changed at least once a month or as required.
  • In most areas they will require an aquarium with a water heater to maintain a water temperature of 70-80 degrees.
  • They require a hiding place to feel secure.
  • They require feeding and as a result require cleaning--thus this is not a self-contained ecosystem and not self-cleaning.
  • Feeding should be as much as the frog will immediately eat every day or every other day.

If well cared-for your frogs should live for five years or longer and you should hear them 'singing' in the evenings. Instead of spending $30 on this inadequate habitat I would suggest people who wish to keep frogs to go to a local pet store and get two frogs ($5)and a five to ten gallon aquarium ($10) for half the price.

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