Friday, November 4, 2011

The Limp is a Lie?

Avon says: No one ever believes me
My dog has a limp, and it isn't a fake limp. This isn't always easy to tell because if there was an Oscar for best canine limp in a supporting roll, he would win it. He acquired this fake limp after cutting his front foot on some farm machinery.

He quickly learned that limping made people sympathetic and attentive.He even managed to briefly convince my sister who is a veterinarian who knows her way around the musculus-skeletal system.

His "tell" was that he would forget which front foot he was limping on. Also as soon as he got the chance to walk or case a ball, the limp would go away. But for a long time any time he got the idea you were annoyed with him the limp would come out.

But this new  limp was on the back leg and continued through the walk. The down side is that as an animal psychologist, as soon as he has a real limp, it is outside of my area of expertise.

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