Thursday, January 16, 2014

Calling for the Cavalry

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New York carriage drivers are reported as hooking up with "anti-animal rights" concern the Cavalry Group.  I am sure it seemed like a logical thing to do when facing lobbying to put them out of business.  But the second you go to the site there is a large picture of archaic looking western spurs and you get some idea who they are getting in bed with.

I think the carriage drivers should think less about fighting their adversary, and more about their public image--because it is their general community that ultimate gives or withholds the freedoms they need to carry out their commercial activities.  And I would guess that the Cavalry Group may alienate the general urban public within a  matter of weeks, because while right wing and agrarian people don't like being told what to do by urban sophisticates, the reverse is equally true.

Do New York city residents want to be told what to do by a fee-charging PR concern out of Missouri funded by anonymous animal industry groups?  One that opposes regulation of puppy mills that sell online? One that downplays the seriousness of chronic wasting disease in deer? One that attacks Tyson for voluntarily working with animal advocates to improve animal care standards? One that supports ag gag bills?

Yeah, that is not going to go well for them.  In fact I suspect it has taken them one step closer to having horse carriages banned from the city. (An issue about which I, personally, have no strong views).

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