Tuesday, May 20, 2014

National Geographic / Petsmart Betta Bowl Hall of Shame

Right in the product description they say: "National Geographic's mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. They believe that responsible Pet Parenting is a great way to experience some of the wonders of the world while developing a greater love and compassion for it."

Now I keep a betta in a five gallon tank, arguably he would like more space than that.  But even I find it very easy to see that a bowl that is only one gallon in holding capacity, and clearly considers aesthetic for the human much more important than comfort for the animal, is less than inspiring.

And if course this is an exclusive deal with PetSmart who state on their website that it is acceptable to keep a betta fish in 1 quart (0.25 of a gallon of water). That is, a 3.8 inch / 9.8cm cube.

My advice would be: if you are going to sell this thing show a photo with a full grown betta fish of the type PetSmart sells in it, to show the scale you are working on here.

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