Monday, July 21, 2014

Open notice to the woman with a large dog who lives in Chester, SC

If you live in Town and Country Lane or thereabouts in Chester, South Carolina and have a 70 pound dog that is a "desirable" large breed -- your boyfriend is showing his true colors.  But trying to use Craigslist to  give your dog to some profiteering stranger who has no problem with stealing someone's pet for profit.

"girlfriends dog.....has got-2-go. here's the scoop. i'd pay a GOOD home or connection to take it to a good home because she got a dog she cant handle. too big, and she doesnt even train it. i wont post pics here bc shes hard-headed. dog in great condition. its spayed so u cant get any puppies out of it but id say if u found it another home, its fetch a pretty penny or two. desired breed. large. 70lbs.

if you reply and can prove your not the GF (LOL!) and express interest, as long as u can get this dog discreetly (maybe during the nightt when everyones in bed) then praise the loRd almighty! liek i said, i'll pay YOU the re-homing fee for the hassle. otherwise good dog. house/crate trained. idk if shed liek cats much and might would need work. should be good with kids, def good with all the people she meets. no health probs.

so either u hold it and then keep it for yourself or rehome it on craigslist or otherwise. i just wnt u to promise you'll br a good home, not abandon to go thru the routine to rehome it well--and distreectly bc she'll be loking for this thing for a few months i bet???? i just dont have the time dedicated to train this dog to be good around another pet im getting. and i WILL be trainig my pet so my girlfriend shouda LISTENED and took care of her dog and trained it. so her Loss is your GAIN. ........................hit me up. you knwo the routine."

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