Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dead piglet posed in a Walmart: cult or gross joke? I know where I would bet my money.

Sometimes a pig is just a pig--USFWS/Southeast
There seems to be a real "cult" culture in the American police forces.  Anything even slightly weird starts getting referred to cult activity and strange messages.

So, what is the most likely explanation for dead feral pigs being posed outside a Walmart in the middle of the night?  Well, picture this.  I mean, someone shoots some pest pigs that are tearing up some farm land.  Then they think: what will I do with these pigs?

Some (probably drunk) dudes think this is funny. And the way the police are reacting will probably just make is seem more funny to them, and more people will in fact start doing this.  And then the media will report it as a spreading plague of animal-sacrifice-Satanism-who-will-think-of-the-children?!

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