Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mystery Box Shopping: HevenJX, What's in the Box

I have a weakness for buying "mystery boxes" that goes back to childhood when stores put all the old crap they are trying to get rid of and put it in paper bags for a dollar.  Man, I lived for those bags.

So now I am going to post whenever I try out a new purchase of a "mystery box" a.k.a. a box of unspecified products.

HevenJX, What's in the Box $9.99

Presentation and Packaging: 7/10
Although their spelling is terrible I like the message on their Amazon page which reads in part: "What we sell is not a specific item but perception of life."  Also the actual physical box I received, wrapped in copious amounts of bubble wrap, was cute.

Value for Money: 5/10
Good.  I guess this stuff is probably worth about what I paid for it.

Surprise/Enjoyment Opening Experience: 8/10
Adorable!  Happy surprise!

Long Term Usability: 9/10
I have already worn some of these several times.

Overall squidgy Score-Fixing Happiness Factor (May be changed to ensure between box ranking seems appropriate): 5/10
Who knows?  This is the first one.

Overall Rating: 68%  -- a solid B+

So... Here's what was in the box!  Animal-themed jewelry; it's like they know me!

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  1. I like the polka-dot box…I see a theme starting …perhaps a treasure chest at the bottom of the pond?