Thursday, December 10, 2015

An old dog and a young dog

When you have an old dog and a young dog it's like you can see the full spectrum of love.  The young dog is so keen and ready to go on adventures.  The old dog is starting to stumble over his limitations, but the spirit is still strong.  And maybe he falls over sometimes and maybe he pees on the carpet. But he represents a whole era of your life, and he trusts you so much now that the world is getting dimmer and more confusing. And when the young dog stops to let him go through the doorway first you are so grateful. Because she understands.  An old dog is a repository of so many years of love.  And it does not matter what he can no longer do, because of all those things he had already done and because of everything he is now. And she may not have been there for most of those years. But somehow she still understands.


  1. Love comes in many shapes, sizes, and ages. Beyond the spectrum of our own human-ness...we should all learn by watching our four-footed friends. Great post, BunnyHugger.