Friday, November 10, 2017

Mr Bleu's Zoo

Well, hello Mr Bleu. Tell me what animal do you think this is? Hint, the wise men might have ridden these as they followed the star to the manger.
Hmm.  Well, the story would have been a even more interesting it that was the case.  But good on you for taking a crack at it. Maybe you are better with birds?  What bird is known for standing one one leg.  Here's a hint, it's pink.

Well, I guess that was kind of close. Kind of. Let's try again.  This animal is mythical, it has a single horn on it's head.  What is it?
Uh huh. So I am guessing arithmetic isn't your strong suit either.  Let's try again. this animal comes from Australia and it is not a deer.

I really feel you aren't taking this exercise seriously. But I am going to have one more go.  Remedial animology here, Mr Bleu. Who is coming through the toilet wall (for some reason).  Oh look, its a friendly.....


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