Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Boho Clothing Scams on Facebook

If you are tempted by Facebook advertisements, beware.  For months now the majority of advertisements I have seen for women's clothing are fraudulent.  If you order from them you will be sent nothing or possibly something very different from the pictures.

The scam seem to focus mainly on BoHo looking women's clothing.  High discounts will be offered for multiple purchases.  The stores have thrown together names and brand new websites that all look similar. (see: Leekway, Kendoco, Flinyclothstore -- see a huge list of them here)

My advice would be to not buy anything from a site advertising on Facebook unless you already know the brand and website to be legit.  If you are thinking of taking the chance, first check the company on a site like -- and pay with a credit card as they are more likely to refund you in case of fraud.

I have been reporting these ads for months but Facebook seems to just play wack-a-mole and let the scammers load another hundred or so new clone sites to keep scamming people.  And Shopify isn't much better, the most commonly used host for receiving the money-for-nothing.

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