Wednesday, April 29, 2020

It may not be stress giving you weird dreams

The media is awash with anesdotal reports that people are having more weird dreams, and linking it with stress relating to the COVID pandemic.  There may be a si8mpler but less news-sexy Explanation, bear with me:

1) Some data suggests Americans are experiencing a whopping 20% increase in sleep times (probably due to less time spend commuting or at work at all)
2) You recall more dreams if you sleep longer and don't immediately get out of bed in the morning when you wake up

As for the dreams being weird, all dreams tend to be weird and incorporate aspects of what you thought about that day, but most people remember only one dream a week. Stress does not generally directly effect dream valence.  So the increase in remembering dreams at all seems a more likely cause of remembering more weird dreams.

Occam's razor, yall


  1. Yep, early morning is like going to a drive-in---full screen and usually a B movie, LOL.

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