Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Sciences of Animal Welfare

So who wants to hear about the book then?  Well, here goes anyway. I am the proud co-author of The Sciences of Animal Welfare along with Professors David Mellor and Kevin Stafford.  This book is part of the UFAW Animal Welfare Series published by Wiley.
The Sciences of Animal Welfare (Universities Federation for Animal Welfare)"The Sciences of Animal Welfare analyses the diverse, interconnecting subjects which constitute this fascinating multidisciplinary field, whilst also considering the limitations and benefits of those subjects to the development and future of Animal Welfare Science. This book examines past, present and future practices and thinking, including the wide-ranging interests within society that influence attitudes towards animals and conversely how animal welfare scientists may influence those attitude." 

The Sciences of Animal Welfare is available from: Wiley, Amazon.com, Borders, and Barnes & Noble (and many other places).


The Sciences of Animal Welfare is:

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