Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Problem with Prezzy Cards

Prezzy Cards are a Visa-supported gift card provided by New Zealand Post. I decided to send one to a family member and began the following Odyssey.

Jan 26: Purchase card from NZ Post website

Jan 27: Receive email for the following extra information: "Your Photo ID (Drivers licence or Passport)... The Credit Card or Debit card used to purchase the Prezzy Card- please only show the first 6 and last 4 digit numbers."

Jan 28: I send a scan of my passport and my debit card number with the middle number block removed.

Jan 30: They ask again for "a copy of the credit card".

Jan 31: I send my full debit card number.

Feb 1: They ask again for "an actual copy of the credit card"

Feb 1: I finally realize they want, for reasons that elude me, a scanned picture of my debit card, which I send.

Feb 2: They notify me that the order has gone through.

Feb 7: I get a feeling that they sent the wrong amount ($100 rather than $500) and request a receipt.

Feb 16: They refuse to send a receipt with the vague statement that "Your card would have been debited once we approved your order" (as, indeed, it should). They direct me to look at the amount debited from my account some time between the order being accepted (Feb 2) and card being dispatched (Feb 4). I inspect my account and find no the debit. Some time later I do find a debit, for the correct amount of $500, actually occurred on Feb 16.

April 26: I receive an email where they admit that although $500 was debited from my account, only $100 was loaded on the debit card. This error has now, according to them, been corrected.

So, in summary, they require documentation not mentioned on the ordering website, do not give a receipt, debit my account 12 full days after dispatching the card, deduct $500 from my account but put only $100 on the card, and despite my specific query do not notice the error for 47 days.


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