Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Responsible Can We Realistically Expect People to Be?

I like the FixatFour campaign.  Well, not the name so much, but the idea.  And the posters are cute.

What the text say is is: "50% of all pets born are accidents".

And what this brings to mind the fact that half of all human pregnancies are also accidental, or in the parlance of human-related statistics, "unintended".

So we have got to the point where people, on average, are as careful with their pets as they are with themselves and their kids?  Is that good news?


  1. I never really thought about it that way... Regardless, neutering pets is extremely important for controlling pet populations.

  2. I love pets. my wife and I recently got a 6 week old pitt bull puppy. She has been a little sick, so we started giving her some worm medicine.

    what kind of pets do you have?