Monday, October 27, 2014

Being a Solo Dog owner

Vera & Avon hanging out with the dog sitter
As a person who lives alone, in term of human beings, it can be quite a task to look after my expanding number of pets.  (No more pets, I swear, I am at capacity). These days I have the financial means to fill in any gaps.  I have a dog walker who comes while I am at work, and also comes in and looks after the rats when I am away, and a pet sitter who looks after the dogs in her home when I travel for work or overseas vacation.

But not so long ago things were not so simple as I did not have the means to pay for these invaluable helpers.  So this is just a reminder, sometimes it takes a village to raise a puppy. If you have a friend with limited means with a pet, and you have a ability to help out with occasional walks or overnight stays--please consider making the offer. (Of course make sure you can pet sit safety and the dog is non-aggressive and vaccinated etc). You might be lessening a huge source of stress for your friend or neighbor.

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