This is the blog about... me. More specifically it is about my thoughts on topics such as animal welfare, the human-animal bond, and behavioral psychology. I am Dr. Emily Patterson-Kane, currently employed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Emily G. Patterson-Kane, Ph.D.

Director. Research
emily.patterson-kane at ASPCA.org

Researcherid: M-1560-2015
ORCiD: 0000-0002-9482-5737
Scopus Author ID: 6602807975 

Animal Welfare Scientist
American Veterinary Medical Association
Responsibilities: Provide expert science-based advice on the subjects of responsible pet keeping and laboratory animal welfare. Staff support to the Committee on Human-Animal Interactions and associated activities. Review of scientific information and generation of educational materials and other advocacy for AVMA policies.  Scientific liaison, briefing media, handling members’ inquiries and other duties as assigned.
Immediate superior: Dr. Cia Johnson

Postdoctoral Researcher
Animal Science
Purdue University, IN

Responsibilities: Sole charge and implementation of a research project using operant responding as a measure of hunger in gestating sows.  The teaching of one undergraduate and one graduate course in the area of animal behavior and welfare. 
Immediate superior: Dr Ed Pajor
Research Scientist
Sustainable Livestock Systems
Scottish Agricultural College, Edinburgh

Responsibilities: Sole charge and coordination of a collaborative project between the Scottish Agricultural College, Roslin Institute and Silsoe Institute.  Investigating relations between human judgments of an animal’s emotional state, quantitative animal behavior and physiology (as measured by in-dwelling radio telemetry) in swine.  Teaching at the University of Edinburgh as required including supervision of masters research projects.
Immediate superior: Dr Francoise Wemelsfelder

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Animal Welfare Program
University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC
Isaac Killam Postdoctoral Fellowship

Responsibilities: Self-directed research investigating cage and contents design for rats in the laboratory with an emphasis on exploring novel methods for assessing preference.  The teaching of graduate courses in behavioral psychology and supervision of student projects.
Immediate superiors: Professors David Fraser and Dan Weary
Temporary Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
Bradley University, IL

Responsibilities: Full responsibility for teaching six psychology courses.  Courses included teaching behavioral psychology through training of rats, and an intensive combined statistics and methods course for students.
Immediate superior: Dr. Richard Stalling

Temporary Assistant Lecturer
School of Psychology
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Responsibilities: Administration and partial lecturing for ‘Cognitive and Behavioural Psychology’.
Immediate superior: Dr. Maree Hunt
(also: teaching assistant for Dr. Hunt, 1998)


Victoria University of Wellington
Doctor of Philosophy
Major: Psychology
William Georgetti Scholarship
Victoria University of Wellington Post-Graduate Scholarship
Royal Society of New Zealand Science and Technology Award
Thesis: Assessing and enriching the cage environment of laboratory rats

University of Waikato, Hamilton
Bachelor of Social Science
Major : Biology and Psychology
Masters of Social Science first class honors
Major : Biology and Psychology
Honours and Masters Award 1993
Senior Scholarship 1993
Masters Thesis: The ability of hens to recognise video images as the objects they represent

I am an associate editor for Frontiers in Veterinary Science: Animal Behavior and Welfare and Frontiers in Veterinary Humanities and Social Sciences. Former editor for the Environmental Enrichment Record, and member of the review board for the Journal for Critical Animal Studies.
 I have acted as a reviewer of manuscripts for the following journals: Animal Welfare, Animal Behavior, BMC Veterinary Research, Current Directions in Psychological ScienceJoVELaboratory Animals, Journal of the American Association for Laborato. Fry Animal Science, Lab Animal, Social Problems, Psychology Crime and the Law, Sociological Quarterly, the Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, The Veterinary Record and Zoo Biology



Learning and Motivation (undergraduate level course) -- Psychology Department, Aurora University
Animal Welfare (senior undergraduate level course)
Animal Behavior and Welfare (graduate level course) co-taught with Dr. Joseph Garner
Animal Science, Purdue University

Laboratory Animal Welfare (graduate level unit) -- Animal Welfare Masters programme, University of Edinburgh
Operant animal welfare research (graduate special topic)


Learning (graduate course)--Animal Welfare Program, University of British Columbia

Statistics, Quantitative Methods, Applied Behavior Analysis, Experimental Analysis of Behavior, Directed Studies, Introductory Psychology-- Psychology Department, Bradley University, Illinois

Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology (administration of course, teaching of the behavioral component) --Department of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington 
Roger D Thomason – Masters research project (Bergin University of Canine Studies)
“LT-1 Dog travel crate”
Victoria Cussen – Masters research project (University of Edinburgh)
“The effect of food-related toys on the behaviours of pet domestic dogs (canis familiaris)”
Alain Macri – Masters research project (University of Edinburgh)
“Behavioural analysis of solitary versus socially housed snow leopards (Uncia uncia), with provision of simulated social contact.”
Hasel Fyfe (second supervisor) -- Masters research project (University of Edinburgh)
“Phenotyping juvenile mice”
Shylo Johnson – Masters research project, published in Animal Welfare & Animal Welfare and Technology (University of British Columbia)
“Foraging Enrichment for rats in the laboratory.”
Kymberlee Nelson -- undergraduate project, published in Contemporary Topics (University of British Columbia)
“Using Enriched housing for rats: a comparison of results using different testing methods.”
Marieke ven de Ven and Thirsa Ras -- undergraduate project, published in Laboratory Animals (University of British Columbia)
“Rat preferences for comfort materials.”
Sandra Rose -- undergraduate project (University of British Columbia)
“The effectiveness of commercially available enrichment items for rats in the laboratory.”
Kai Ng (second supervisor) -- undergraduate project (University of British Columbia)
“The effects of essential fatty acids on piglet behaviour.”